Who is Aurelian?
Aurelian is an all inclusive body jewelry brand that focuses on current jewelry trends while also embodying the value of what good quality jewelry can do for your body. Aurelian is all about confidence, empowerment, and of course, beautiful body jewelry. 
Developing the Brand
Brand Name
"Aurelian" means gold or golden, reflecting the finest material used to make Aurelian's jewelry. I designed the Aurelian logo to embody the values of luxury, comfortability, style, trends, and body positivity with its curvy lines and connecting serifs. 
Typeface & Pattern
Aurelian's display typeface (Branding Aliskaji) has a level of elegance and unique flare along with the pattern made up of body shapes to highlight self empowerment and confidence. Raleway contrasts the display typeface when used in use for subheads and body copy. 
Jewelry Box
The glass jewelry box is an organic curvy shape that represents the body. The jewelry box gives the appearance that the jewelry is floating in the glass, adding a touch of awe to the design, along with Aurelian's logo which is engraved in the glass with gold.
The inside of the box is laser cut to fit each unique piece of Aurelian jewelry perfectly, while a thin layer of small embedded magnets around the outside seam of the box allows it to seamlessly hold together and pull apart.
Packaging Considerations
Exterior Box & Leather Cover
The exterior box is designed with a leather cover to hold and protect the glass jewelry box during shipment. It also details an embossed logo on the surface for elegance and brand recognition.
Cleansing Cloth
Each shipment comes with a free custom cleansing cloth with the Aurelian pattern printed on it and a gold debossed diamond on the envelope for an elevated look and feel. 
Customer Relationship Building
Thank You Card
After every purchase, customers get a thank you card with jewelry care instructions. This card aids in relationship building and builds brand recognition with the brand colors, pattern, and typefaces.
Aurelian Club
Aurelian offers a membership that comes with exclusive offers and care packages. Some of Aurelian Club's recurring care packages include birthstone jewelry birthday presents for members each year and jewelry cleansing kits. 

Communication & Visuals
Aurelian advertisements are placed in busy areas to grab the target audience's attention with brand photography, product photography, and the brand typeface.
Social Media
Aurelian is active on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms in order to stay in-touch with their customers. The social posts are designed with bold type, portrait photography, and brand colors to grab attention and create awareness for special Aurelian deals.
Desktop Website
The desktop website features the home page, the shopping pages, and each individual product page for users to shop the luxury jewelry with ease.
Mobile Website
The website is responsive and can be used on any device for their user's convenience. 
Mobile Application
The mobile application is where Aurelian users can get more of their personalization involved. Here they can sign up for Aurelian Club, shop any of the products, try on their favorite pieces, and navigate the app with the ease of a bottom navigation bar. 
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