Climate Offline Conference
Climate Offline is a conference that explores the interconnected nature of people on Earth through evolving technology and the contrasting impacts it has on our climate. 
Developing the Brand
The theme surrounding this conference is contrast with two different sides to the climate change and technology issue, creating a controversial and enlightening round of speakers, giving audience all sides of the story.

The pattern on the left mimics a topographic map used for illustrating the shape of a land surface, which contrasts the technological circular pattern on the right.
The imagery for climate offline is broken up into three different structures: Green dominant/Earth-related imagery, blue dominant/technology-related imagery, and contrasting imagery that include both colors or ideas. 
Speakers and Topics
Climate Offline will be inviting speakers who have strong opinions on whether advancing technology is having positive or negative impacts on our climate. Each speaker will have their own flyer that attendees can read before their talks.
Environmental Design
Climate Offline will be commencing at the City View at Metreon in San Francisco. With a large population in California, it is the perfect place to host Climate Offline because the city is not only affected by climate change side effects, but also the abundance of advancing technology.
Environmental Signage
Clime Offline signage will be posted around and inside of the venue, to help guests understand the concept behind the conference, and to know that they are in the right place. 
Digital Signage
Placed outside of the venue, digital billboards containing captivating and contrasting imagery and patterns will be playing in order to get audience members talking about the topics and controversy of the conference. 

Motion Graphics
When entering the venue for Climate Offline, users will see televisions posted around the facility with captivating motion imagery of Earth and Technology.
Interactive Design
Lanyards, Tickets, & Postcards
It is important to have touch-points that Climate Offline attenders are able to interact with and receive from the experience. Each attendee will receive their own lanyard, tickets, and postcards with information about the conference speakers. 
The Climate Offline website gives users a way to purchase tickets, see event details, and contact the help team. 
Mobile Website
Mobile Website
Desktop Website
Desktop Website
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