Events and Promotions

ElevateU is a campus wellness brand that helps students achieve their full potential for life at Ferris and beyond by influencing all aspects of their wellness through individual and environmental initiatives in three domains: succeed, thrive, and matter. 

My partner and I were tasked with providing and designing promotional events and videos for ElevateU that would engage the entire Ferris community by connecting students to campus resources and personal development tools like You@Ferris and the 8 Dimensions of Wellness. 
Wellness Hub Event

Wellness Hub was created and designed to bring awareness to the ElevateU brand and the 8 dimensions of wellness, while also distributing the campus resources that ElevateU provides for students. 

For this event, my partner and I needed to create 8 table stations (one for each dimension of wellness) where students could get resources, information, and support about improving their wellness journey here at Ferris. To design this event, we had to follow the existing brand guidelines of ElevateU, as well as come up with a plethora of activities, takeaways, and resources that would benefit students in their wellness journey. 
To begin, I started by brainstorming possible takeaways and activities that coincided with each dimension of wellness and mocked them up with how they would look for each station. The 8 dimensions of wellness all fall within one or more of the three domains (succeed, thrive, matter) and were color coded as such in the design of each table. Succed being blue, Thrive being yellow, and Matter being navy. 
Once I had an idea of what needed to be at each dimension station, I began creating a color-coded checklist of everything that my partner and I needed to do before the event. This checklist included people to contact, items to order, takeaways to design, and items to produce.
Outsourcing and Ordering
There were lots of items that needed to be ordered ahead of time, so I mocked up all of the deliverables and put them in a presentation to get the client’s approval before ordering.

Next, my partner and I found links to everything that would need to be ordered separately and presented the client with them as well as a full cost estimate of all outsourced deliverables. 
After outsourcing and ordering everything that would need to get delivered, I began brainstorming resources, websites, and articles that would not only align with each dimension of wellness, but also be something that college students would find helpful enough to take with them from the event. I then began designing all of the takeaways for each of my four tables by using the existing brand guidelines of ElevateU. 

On top of the takeaways, I also designed a poster for each table and a table sign summarizing what each dimension means.
How We Divided Work
My design partner and I came up with a system to divide and conquer all of our tasks so that we were both doing an equal amount of work. We each took the lead on 4 of the 8 dimensions to personally focus on and design.

The Tables I Focused On:
Occupational Wellness focuses on professions that provide a feeling of purpose and productivity. This means acknowledging our talents and skills and the opportunity to achieve personal satisfaction through work. Speak with an advisor about your career path.
Financial Wellness is an on-going process and combination of increasing awareness of your current financial state, strengthening your knowledge of financial literacy, making well-informed decisions, and taking mindful steps towards achieving a healthy financial well-being.
Physical fitness is a state of health and well-being—more specifically, the ability to perform in aspects of sports, occupations, and daily activities. Physical fitness is generally achieved through proper nutrition, moderate-vigorous physical exercise, and sufficient rest.
Spiritual Wellness is all about staying true to your own personal values and beliefs. It’s about figuring out what those values are and how to incorporate them into your life.
The Other Tables 
Environmental, Social, Emotional, Intellectual
Overall, the event was very successful and got a lot of interaction with the students passing by. Students were engaged in the activities and takeaways, and the hosts at each table were very helpful in answering questions and giving valuable information on each dimension of wellness. 
You@Ferris Promotional Videos

ElevateU provides Ferris students with wellness resources through their resource website called You@Ferris. My partner and I were tasked with creative directing two different promotional videos for the You@Ferris platform in order to create awareness and get more students to sign up for it. 

My partner and I creative directed the whole process of bringing these videos to life including: 
Script writing
Storyboard creating
Talent recruiting
Scheduling, organizing, reserving
Communications with production partners and client 
Leading weekly progress meetings
Providing all creative assets, resources, and props

Since these videos were not only intended for sharing with students, but also to show at Freshman Orientation and to donors in order to continue funding You@Ferris, our client wanted them to be of professional quality.

In order to create two professional quality videos, we decided to reach out and partner with other Ferris programs to bring these videos to life. 

With my partner and I creative directing, we reached out to Ferris’ Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP) program to assist us in filming and video editing. 

Throughout this whole process, had weekly meetings with the TDMP program to stay on top of progress and to share ideas back and forth.
Storyboards and Scripts
To begin this project, I created multiple rounds of storyboards and scripts to visualize my ideas for what the videos could be. Once they were finalized, we met with our client to get approval on the video directions. I was the project lead for creating the scripts and storyboard for the “Promotional Video” while my partner did them for the “Friendly Advice” video.
After finalizing the scripts for the video, we needed to recruit acting talent to participate in the production. To do this, we reached out the the Theater RSO Program and hung Auditions flyers around campus. We also had to create contracts and auditions forms for the participants.
Scheduling and Organizing
My partner and I were in charge of all communications between the TDMP students, actors, and client throughout the whole process. We also handled all of the scheduling and created an actionable plan to film and get the videos ready for production before the deadline. We were in charge of reserving the film space and making sure that all of the conditions in the space were optimal for filming (including taping off space, controlling the lighting and sound in the building, and providing everyone who came with food and a comfortable space to spend the day.)
Once our acting talent was chosen, we were able to record the narration of the scripts in a sound box.
For filming, I was in charge of providing scripts and props for everyone, as well as a shot list for each video in order to make sure that they would match the original storyboards.

You@Ferris Promotional Video
Friendly Advice Promotional Video
After filming concluded, I worked closely with the TDMP students to edit the video so that it matched our client's vision. We had weekly meetings to go through progress and changes needed, and I was responsible for providing the TDMP students with all of the video assets including icons, logos, drawings, fonts, and specific phone screens.
Final Production
Once the videos went through many rounds of changes and progression, we met with the client to get his approval on the final productions.
You@Ferris Promotional Video
You@Ferris Friendly Advice Video
After getting final approval, we passed over the video files to our client and provided him with some extra takeaway designs to give to the students at Freshman Orientation after they watch videos.
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