Event Overview
Chair Camp is a training program at Haworth designed to help members achieve sales targets more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction, and build stronger relationships with valued clients. 
Event Brand
I designed the logo and badges for Chair Camp with the goal of making them feel and look like summer camp (fun, outdoorsy, and educational.) I used the Haworth brand colors throughout  to retain brand recognition.
The Chair Camp program is both an informative and fun way to learn about Haworth's products. There are 6 sessions of Chair Camp where members get the opportunity to earn 6 different badges pertaining to Haworth seating. 
Before the Event
Before the Chair Camp kick-off, members can refer to the badge information sheet to understand how the badges, prizes, and giveaways work.  
Bringing Members Together
Chair Camp is an international program that helps to bring Haworth members from all over the World together with t-shirts, mugs, and other camping-themed swag.
After the Event
After each session, attendees receive a Chair Camp letter home written from the POV of a camper. The letter includes images and the badge that was earned from that session.
After each session, attendees also get a their digital badge which they can keep track of on their badge tracker.
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